Cooking an Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe

Brown Rice

First, prepare some brown rice in a pressure cooker. I prefer the Instant Pot.  With the Instant Pot, I like to make brown rice as follows:

  • 2 cups brown rice
  • 2 3/4 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons of dashi (optional)

Put all the ingredients in the pressure cooker and set it to Multigrain setting and adjust the time to 22 minutes.
Of course, you can always use a rice cooker, or a regular pot, or however you make rice.

Chicken & Veggies

Preheat the oven to 350°.

Grab some chicken breasts.

  1. Place the chicken in a glass baking dish
  2. Brush some olive oil over the meat
  3. Season it as you like: spice mixes, black pepper, or herbs.

Into the oven the chicken goes!  Cook for a total of about 35 minutes or until no longer pink in the center.

Meanwhile! Get a bunch of veggies you like, for instance: peppers, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, whatever you got in the fridge.

  1. Gather them up, and wash them of course
  2. Cut em up into florets or 1-2 inch squares
  3. Toss them in olive oil with some black pepper and paprika (or whatever spices you have on hand: be creative, it’s really hard to mess this up!)

When you’re done prepping the veggies, increase the oven temperature to 425°, even with the meat still in there if it’s not completely done.  If you prepped the veggies too quickly, brush some more olive oil over the meat (I like these silicone brushes), then place some foil over it so it won’t dry out.

Spread the veggies all in a single layer on a baking sheet and put them in the preheated oven for about 20-25 mins, or until tender.

NOTE: Don’t forget to check on the meat while the veggies are cooking.  You should basically have this process:

  1. Rice going unattended
  2. Meat in the oven
  3. Veggies in the oven
  4. Meat out of the oven
  5. Veggies out of the oven
  6. Rice out of the Instant Pot

Then combine it all on plates and serve!  I like to also pour some soy sauce over the rice for extra taste.

NOTE: The links to the products in this post and others are the ones I personally ordered and used, and are my favorite.  You are of course, welcome to purchase them from any other source 🙂 these links may earn me a few cents if you do make the purchase using them.


AeroGardens = Magic

AeroGardens are the best for small apartment gardening.  It’s always awesome to have fresh herbs on hand when cooking, or watching cherry tomatoes grow.  I personally own three (crazy AeroGarden-lady, anyone?).

Here are my two favorite ones I use:

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, Red

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra (LED) with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

The first one is on the cheaper end, and extends to a shorter height, so it’s perfect for my kitchen countertop. The bigger one is much taller and great for growing larger plants like tomatoes or peppers.

Currently my tomato is progressing quite well, with little yellow flowers that will soon turn into little green tomatoes, then ripen.

FullSizeRender 2

If you keep your lights as low as possible, you’ll get a very bushy plant as seen above!

Another benefit of the AeroGardens is you can use the light from them for other potted plants if they’re close.  For instance, I purchased this Organic Black Mulberry Tree/Shrub and it arrived broken and all the leaves fell off 😦 Maybe I did something wrong.

BUT! I did not give up, and set it inside below the AeroGarden where the light would reach, mended the broken branch with tape, and lo and behold, it very quickly sprouted fresh green leaves and what looks like future berries!

FullSizeRender 12

Basically, you can grown hydroponic plants and set potted plants near the AeroGardens and reap the benefits of the lights.

Here’s an example of the AeroGarden Harvest Elite growing some lettuce and an orchid sitting by happily enjoying the extra light, and you can even see a potted little strawberry plant in the back!


I’m pretty much addicted to these things, if I had it my way, I’d own at least 20!

TIP: For seed packets, to close them back up, fold them down then use a hair pin to keep them folded!


DIY Salve

So, here’s a simple recipe for a salve with ingredients that are natural and have healing properties.  For instance, shea butter treats blemishes & wrinkles, cocoa butter heals soothes rashes & infections, safflower oil helps unclog pores, fights acne and prevents wrinkles.  Both Lemongrass and Tea Tree Essential Oils have antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and many other helpful properties. I’ve used this formulation successfully as a facial moisturizer and it really helped clear up my face.

Fill a saucepan halfway with water, and place a container inside, such as a pyrex measuring cup, or other container that is safe for high temperatures.  Let the water boil then bring it to a simmer.img_0935.jpg

Place 2 tablespoons of Ivory Raw Unrefined Shea Butter and 2 tablespoons of Raw Cocoa Butter into the inner container and watch it melt.

Once the butters have melted, add essential oils and mix them in.  For this particular one I went with 10 drops of each:

Organic Pure Safflower Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Natural Tea Tree Oil

Once it has cooled slightly, transfer mixture to the final container , an amber jar is recommended.   Feel free to put it in the fridge at this point to speed up the final cooling process.

Once it’s cooled and solid-ish, you’re good to go!  Apply to face/neck/anywhere.  It smells great too 🙂

Tip: if you want to skip a step and only use one container, I’ve used small pyrex containers in the water bath and just mixed in the oils there, took them out, tossed the lid on, and done.


NOTE: The links to the products in this post and others are the ones I personally ordered and used, and are my favorite.  You are of course, welcome to purchase them from any other source 🙂 these links may earn me a few cents if you do make the purchase using them.