AeroGarden Tiny (Cherry) Tomatoes

Just wanted to add a few photos I took here and there of the harvests of my tomato plant growing in the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra (LED).  It’s been going for like a year now, and just keeps on producing, one harvest after another after another, and now there are more flowers all over!

Above are several different harvests, the plant before and after pruning (be sure to remove dead leaves and trim it for the best health and optimum production) – and as you can see, even though I’ve been lazy often, and sort of neglected pruning it/cleaning it up, it’s been VERY hardy and just keeps on giving.  VERY easy to grow.  (If you couldn’t tell, I’m quite fond of my AeroGardens)

Before I forget, here are the seeds I used for this plant.  One seed grows a huge plant so quick and just keeps producing, I feel like I’m going to get another whole year out of this one!

My random tip for easily storing seed packets: fold them down then use a hair pin to keep them pinched closed.

Did I forgot to mention how just OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-DELICIOUS the ripe tomatoes are right off the vine? Pick a few, give them a quick rinse, and just pop them in your mouth like cherries. So very sweet and tasty.  Year round and super simple.


Growing Cat Grass (Wheatgrass)

If you have indoor cats, a great thing to do for them is to grow some wheatgrass.  It takes little effort on your part, and they love it.

Here are some benefits of having wheatgrass available for your cats:

  • Flushes toxins
  • Helps digestion and breaks down hairballs
  • Help them expel hairballs by throwing them up
  • Lots of vitamins and minerals
  • They love chewing it, laying on it, etc.

And here’s what I use to have efficiency and quality in cheapest way possible:

  • You’ll need a container.  I use this one: Catit Senses Planter.  Here’s why: the cats tend to rip out the grass if you don’t have some kind of grid covering it to prevent them knocking it over and ripping out the whole thing at once, soil and all (the roots get really tangled up and come out all as one blob if this happens with a normal container.
  • Get you some soil.  I use Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix, but wheatgrass isn’t picky, you can use any soil you have on hand.  Use 1 cup.
  • Now for the seeds: it’s cheaper to buy in bulk.  Here’s what I personally get: Hard Red Wheatgrass – 5 Lb.  You’ll use about 1/4 cup per planting.
  • You’ll also need some water, and measuring cups if you’re very particular about the exact amounts, but really, you can just eyeball it.

How to plant the wheatgrass:

  1. Gather your ingredients
    FullSizeRender 6
  2. Take apart the planter into all three pieces
    FullSizeRender 5
  3. Fill the small inner container with your soil.  About 1 cup will do
    FullSizeRender 4
  4. Add the seeds.  About 1/4 cup, but a bit more if you want it to grow super thick
    FullSizeRender 7
  5. Mix up the seeds with the soil.  Don’t worry if they’re not all entirely covered, they’re not picky about it 🙂
    FullSizeRender 3
  6. Put the planter back together, first the green top, then into the outer container
    FullSizeRender 10
  7. Add some water, about a 1/4 cup, but I eyeball it.  Just enough to moisten the soil
  8. Set in a dark place at room temperature (or a bit warm and humid) for a few days while the seeds sprout.  Once that happens, put them where they can get some light.  When the plants get about 2 inches tall, present them to your kitties and watch them fall in love with grass!

DIY Fresh Basil and Essential Oil Acne Treatment How-To

IMG_0994One of the things that grows like weed in an AeroGarden is basil.  See my other post on growing things easily indoors.  Here’s an easy and efficient way to use up a bunch of it!

Since basil has anti-bacterial properties, it’s a great home-made, gentle treatment for acne, so I made some basil ‘tea’ with essential oils to use instead of a toner on my face for a few days.  This mixture also seems to be a good natural makeup remover.  I follow it up with my DIY moisturizer.

1. Prepare your tools and ingredients.  You will need the following:

2. Collect your fresh basil (washed) and prepare your station while you’re boiling the water (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kettle)

3. Cut the basil into as small of pieces as you can, and place it in the cup

4. Once the water has boiled, pour the boiling-hot water over the basil in the cup, and cover with the lid

5. Let it steep for 20 minutes, then remove the lid and add 3 drops of each essential oil (if you have elected to use them, and I strongly suggest you do: each of them have been selected for their acne-treating skincare properties)

FullSizeRender 7

6. Let cool completely.  At this point, you can strain it into the final container with a tea strainer, or use it straight as-is by putting some of the liquid on a cotton ball or cotton round and wiping your face with it.

NOTE: You can store the mixture for a few days in the fridge to extend its lifespan if you add a little alcohol to it.


NOTE: The links to the products in this post and others are the ones I personally ordered and used, and are my favorite.  You are of course, welcome to purchase them from any other source 🙂 these links may earn me a few cents if you do make the purchase using them.

AeroGardens = Magic

AeroGardens are the best for small apartment gardening.  It’s always awesome to have fresh herbs on hand when cooking, or watching cherry tomatoes grow.  I personally own three (crazy AeroGarden-lady, anyone?).

Here are my two favorite ones I use:

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, Red

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra (LED) with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

The first one is on the cheaper end, and extends to a shorter height, so it’s perfect for my kitchen countertop. The bigger one is much taller and great for growing larger plants like tomatoes or peppers.

Currently my tomato is progressing quite well, with little yellow flowers that will soon turn into little green tomatoes, then ripen.

FullSizeRender 2

If you keep your lights as low as possible, you’ll get a very bushy plant as seen above!

Another benefit of the AeroGardens is you can use the light from them for other potted plants if they’re close.  For instance, I purchased this Organic Black Mulberry Tree/Shrub and it arrived broken and all the leaves fell off 😦 Maybe I did something wrong.

BUT! I did not give up, and set it inside below the AeroGarden where the light would reach, mended the broken branch with tape, and lo and behold, it very quickly sprouted fresh green leaves and what looks like future berries!

FullSizeRender 12

Basically, you can grown hydroponic plants and set potted plants near the AeroGardens and reap the benefits of the lights.

Here’s an example of the AeroGarden Harvest Elite growing some lettuce and an orchid sitting by happily enjoying the extra light, and you can even see a potted little strawberry plant in the back!


I’m pretty much addicted to these things, if I had it my way, I’d own at least 20!

TIP: For seed packets, to close them back up, fold them down then use a hair pin to keep them folded!