AeroGarden Tiny (Cherry) Tomatoes

Just wanted to add a few photos I took here and there of the harvests of my tomato plant growing in the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra (LED).  It’s been going for like a year now, and just keeps on producing, one harvest after another after another, and now there are more flowers all over!

Above are several different harvests, the plant before and after pruning (be sure to remove dead leaves and trim it for the best health and optimum production) – and as you can see, even though I’ve been lazy often, and sort of neglected pruning it/cleaning it up, it’s been VERY hardy and just keeps on giving.  VERY easy to grow.  (If you couldn’t tell, I’m quite fond of my AeroGardens)

Before I forget, here are the seeds I used for this plant.  One seed grows a huge plant so quick and just keeps producing, I feel like I’m going to get another whole year out of this one!

My random tip for easily storing seed packets: fold them down then use a hair pin to keep them pinched closed.

Did I forgot to mention how just OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-DELICIOUS the ripe tomatoes are right off the vine? Pick a few, give them a quick rinse, and just pop them in your mouth like cherries. So very sweet and tasty.  Year round and super simple.


DIY Layered Scented Beeswax Candle

I had some wax leftover from making chapstick, and figured I’d try making a candle with it!  It turned out awesome, so without further ado, I’m sharing!

You will need:

Get started!

  1. Take your candle jar, and fill it with beeswax (to measure how much you will need), and pour it into a Pyrex measuring cup or other container safe for high heat.  Measure out the same amount again, and set aside
  2. Cut a piece of the crayon for the bottom layer of the candle and add it to the measuring cup with the beeswax.  Use as much or as little as you like, depending on how dark of a shade you want the candle to be.  I used a lot for the bottom layer (and less for the top layer to make it a few shades lighter)
  3. Get a saucepan or another stove-top safe container, place the measuring cup with the beeswax and crayon inside it, and fill the saucepan with water, making sure the level isn’t too high and you don’t get any water inside the measuring cup
  4. Place over medium-high heat, and heat until melted, stirring occasionally with the butter knife
  5. While your beeswax is melting, secure the candle wick to the center of the bottom of your candle jar with a bit of glue
  6. Remove the measuring cup from heat and let sit for a few minutes, then stir in the fragrance: use as much or as little as you’d like (10-20 drops for a smaller candle)
    FullSizeRender 18
  7. Making sure to keep the wick straight, pour the now-scented melted wax mixture into the container, it should fill it about halfway
  8. While it cools, repeat steps 4-7 with the other half of the beeswax you reserved in step 1, using either a different colored crayon, or, as I did, adding less for a lighter color this time.  You can also use a different scent to mix in, just make sure it would compliment the first one
  9. Let your candle cool at room temperature, trim down the wick to about a half-inch, or leave it to trim before use
  10. Top it off with a lid if you got one, and store until ready to use 🙂
    FullSizeRender 8

CAUTION: Please please please, be VERY careful with handling things in this how-to, they get very hot.  The water is clearly boiling, the glass heats up and can burn you, and clearly the wax is HOT HOT HOT.  Just please use common sense and handle things with care.  Good luck and happy upcycling!

NOTE: The links to the products in this post and others are the ones I personally ordered and used, and are my favorite.  You are of course, welcome to purchase them from any other source 🙂 these links may earn me a few cents if you do make the purchase using them.

DIY Fresh Basil and Essential Oil Acne Treatment How-To

IMG_0994One of the things that grows like weed in an AeroGarden is basil.  See my other post on growing things easily indoors.  Here’s an easy and efficient way to use up a bunch of it!

Since basil has anti-bacterial properties, it’s a great home-made, gentle treatment for acne, so I made some basil ‘tea’ with essential oils to use instead of a toner on my face for a few days.  This mixture also seems to be a good natural makeup remover.  I follow it up with my DIY moisturizer.

1. Prepare your tools and ingredients.  You will need the following:

2. Collect your fresh basil (washed) and prepare your station while you’re boiling the water (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kettle)

3. Cut the basil into as small of pieces as you can, and place it in the cup

4. Once the water has boiled, pour the boiling-hot water over the basil in the cup, and cover with the lid

5. Let it steep for 20 minutes, then remove the lid and add 3 drops of each essential oil (if you have elected to use them, and I strongly suggest you do: each of them have been selected for their acne-treating skincare properties)

FullSizeRender 7

6. Let cool completely.  At this point, you can strain it into the final container with a tea strainer, or use it straight as-is by putting some of the liquid on a cotton ball or cotton round and wiping your face with it.

NOTE: You can store the mixture for a few days in the fridge to extend its lifespan if you add a little alcohol to it.


NOTE: The links to the products in this post and others are the ones I personally ordered and used, and are my favorite.  You are of course, welcome to purchase them from any other source 🙂 these links may earn me a few cents if you do make the purchase using them.