DYI Dishwasher Detergent

This one is pretty straightforward.  It’s cheap to buy the ingredients in bulk, just mix them up, and ta-da!

Here’s what you’ll need.  I’m addicted to Amazon so these are linked to what I used for my recipe, but you can also find most of these ingredients at a store near you (Walmart, Hardware Store, etc.), but I haven’t seen citric acid around except online, so I’d at least order that one.  (It’s all cheap anyway, and will last SOOOOO long)


People also claim you can add essential oils, and while I’m a HUGE fan of those, I don’t particularly see the appeal of my dishes smelling like lemongrass when I’m trying to eat a steak off of a plate, you know?  Up to you though.  You want your dishes lemony?  Add some freaking lemon essential oils (a few drops at wash time).  I don’t know.  I’m not doing it.  You can.

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together in a container (I used an old, cleaned-out candle jar so it’s all pretty) and stick a pretty (or not?) label on it.  Here are the labels I use: link.  I also put a spoon inside for easy access.

Here I used 1/2 c. Borax, 1/2 c. washing soda, 1/4 c. citric acid, and 1/4 c. of salt, since it was my first time trying it out.  But next time I will probably at least double the recipe, as there’s plenty room in my glass jar.

When doing dishes, you should use about 1 tablespoon per load, but I won’t tell you how to live.


NOTE: The links to the products in this post and others are the ones I personally ordered and used, and are my favorite.  You are of course, welcome to purchase them from another source, or try a different brand, but please ensure you read some reviews first, and get quality, organic ingredients, for something you will be eating off of.